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 June 2013
June, June, June what a month with Fathers Day, Wimbledon and the Grand Prix I'm not sure I can contain myself, I bet all the Dads are hoping they get tickets to Silverstone in their cards, well to quote Kylie "You should be so lucky, lucky, lucky, lucky.."  and I am just a little bit jealous as I was there the other year and loved it. Wimbledon again well that means even more rain so lets hold off thinking we might just get a summer this year till at least July.

The IFSEC and Facilities Exhibitions last month saw us take a record number of enquiries for iLockerz our unique RFID locker system and the electronic key cabinets  as more and more organisations are looking for data relating to key and asset usage - if this is something you have been talking about recently give me a shout and I'll see if we can help you.

Over in Italy it seems we are flavour of the month with orders for the original Keytracker peg systems going over the 200, well done Andy.

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Have a great month, 

Helen Bell
Sales Manager
The 21st will see the longest day here in the northern hemisphere, but the shortest down in the southern hemisphere.

June originally had only 29 days until Julius Caesar reformed the Roman Calendar in 46 BC and gave it 30.

No other month begins with the same day of the week.

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