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Keytracker is a leading global key and asset management provider, producing the widest range of solutions to provide operational efficiencies to organisations of all sizes, across every sector, worldwide.

Our products are designed to effectively manage, track, and control valuable keys and assets. Providing smooth and efficient control allows our customers to do what they do best without the interruption of lost or misplaced keys or assets.

Offering quick and easy access for authorised personnel, our systems have significantly reduced the amount of time spent managing keys and assets. Our products are widely used in a variety of sectors by manufacturers, property agents, retailers, educational establishments, the emergency services and many more.

We provide the full range of solutions from the simplest cost effective methods of organising keys, to complex, high security, bespoke system cabinets, using breathalyser, pin code, swipe cards and fingerprint technology to identify those accessing the keys or assets or where a particular key or asset is within a building or site; these systems can also be designed to integrate with software our customers already use and produce accurate live reports and alerts.

At Keytracker we always put our customer first, we work hard to collaborate with our customers ensuring that we provide the very best solutions to their key and asset management requirements. Innovation is key to our success, with heavy investment into our research and development facility, our team is always looking at new ways to solve challenges.

Keytracker systems have significantly reduced the amount of time spent managing keys and assets for businesses in all industries.

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