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Key Control Software

Key Control Software allows you to add all of your staff, key and important information into one database, therefore allowing you to track all of your key movements in detail. In order to do this, keys must be ‘Checked In’ and ‘Checked Out’ of the application by any member of staff using them, either manually or with the barcode scanner provided, this will then create an audit trail of movements that can be monitored, and even exported, to show you at a glance who has which keys at any time. The ‘Key Reports’ report builder also allows senior staff to create bespoke reports of user transactions, which could include anything from checking keys in and out to adding or deleting a key. Giving you complete control over your key management.

There are also different modules that can be used with Key Control Software, such as the Signature Pad, Geo Tracking and Handover modules. The Signature Pad module can work in conjunction with the software for proof of transaction. It features a touchpad & stylus and shows the signature on the computer screen, for additional security and management.
The handover module allows users to easily handover a key set to another user, rather than check the key into KCS & then checking it back out. For example, this is especially useful if keys are to be handed over when drivers meet at another branch or site.
With the Geo Tracking module enabled, if the user is logged into the software from a mobile device such as an iPhone or tablet, the check in or check out procedures will record the GPS location of the transaction. This is then viewable from a Google map so that you can see exactly where transactions occurred. Ultimately, these modules can add an extra level of security and management to tracking your keys.

Additionally, the layout of KCS is so simplistic, that learning and getting used to the software takes very little time and will easily become part of your daily routine ensuring you never lose track of your keys again.

For more information about the Key Control Software please visit or contact us on +44 (0)121 559 9000 and speak to a member of our dedicated team.

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The Key Control Software comes with an initial 12 months licence for up to 5 users (multi user licences are available on request) and includes the barcode scanner.
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