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Mechanical Key Systems

Keytracker’s Mechanical Systems are power free and a simple, effective way to organise and manage your keys. The ‘peg in-peg out’ board offers instant identification of who has the keys, ensuring you will never waste time searching for keys again.

The Keytracker mechanical boards are made up of a minimum of 5 key positions, the most popular board sizes are 25, 50 and 100 key positions- the largest single board can hold up to 150 keys.

Visually, the coloured access pegs are perfect for identifying individuals, teams, shifts or departments as each employee is allocated their individual access peg to unlock the keys required, thus preventing keys being misplaced along with showing authorised personnel who exactly has which keys. Additional safety options are available in the form of our secure key cabinets.

Other products, such as the Keytracker Single Key Unit and Lock Tracker, are available in order to meet any of your key and asset management needs.

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