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Keytracker’s electronic lockers and cabinets offer a simple and effective way to secure, track and manage shared portable equipment.

The innovative iLockerz systems are available in 3 configurations and are designed to save the time and money that is wasted when keys, laptops, tablets and valuable equipment is missing. The Keytracker and iLockerz product range allows your establishment to offer effective laptop loans, secure BYOD storage, charging facilities, and automated key management 24 hours a day, ensuring that your important portable assets are always accounted for.

RFiD intelligent lockers track and manage the use of shared portable equipment. Typically used to implement laptop loans, radio handset management, drug pack issue/returns, tool and harness tracking and much more, the iLockerz RFiD lockers and cabinets allow your organisation to securely and effectively manage the assets, objects and equipment that is of high importance to its effective operation.

BYOD or Bring Your Own Devices lockers are central storage lockers and phone charging stations. These lockers have electronically operated locker compartments that allow users to secure and charge personal devices such as mobile phones or laptops in for short periods of time. These intelligent locker systems are often used in conjunction with Bring Your Own Device policies or in communal spaces to enhance visitor experience and increase safety.

RFID Airlock technology is used within large storage areas such as workshops, stores, armories or containers. This type of RFID technology tracks the movement of users and equipment in and out of the chosen area and is typically used within building sites, manufacturing facilities, hospitals, military bases and other similar large scale operations.

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